Cheap Accommodation Options for Backpackers

One of the main challenges that backpackers face is finding cheap accommodation. One of the best ways to secure affordable accommodation is through early bookings. As such, a few weeks before your trip, do some research and identify where you will stay in the various cities you intend to visit. This article provides insight on some cheap accommodation options for backpackers.  


These are a popular budget rental accommodation option for most backpackers. Hostels are designed to allow guests to interact, as people live in dorms and share facilities such as the kitchen and living area. Some people shy away from hostels because they offer limited privacy. However, most modern hostels have private rooms for people that do not want to share a sleeping area. A good hostel should be conveniently located. Additionally, it should offer extra services such as Wi-Fi and tours around the city. 

Holiday apartments

Holiday apartments are the best long-term accommodation option for people that travel in groups. In a holiday apartment, you can enjoy home-like living as you can cook your food and do laundry. Most holiday apartments do not have a restriction on how many people should occupy the premises. As such, you can share beds or have some of your friends sleep on the couch. 

Home rentals

You can also decide to live in someone's home during your trip. Home rentals are not only cheap, but they also allow you to integrate with the local community. Ensure that you book the rental from a reputable website. Also, your host must have positive reviews from previous guests. Inquire about the house rules before booking. For instance, some hosts will ask guests not to come in late at night. 


If you enjoy camping, then you can opt to live in camps during your travels. Modern camps will provide you with a tent and sleeping gear, so you might not have to carry camping equipment as you travel. Camps are also a good choice if you intend to travel in your recreational vehicle. 


With proper research, you will find affordable hotels in all corners of the globe. If you intend to book online, ask the management to send photos of the establishment. While you may not require luxury services such as five-course meals on a backpacking expedition, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and cable television can significantly improve your experience. The hotel you book should be easily accessible and located in a safe neighbourhood. 

There are many budget rental accommodation options, including hostels, holiday apartments, home rentals, camps and hotels.