Taking Your Assistance Dog on a Party Bus: Four Tips to Help

If you have an assistance dog and you are planning to attend a party on a party bus, you may need to bring your assistance dog with you. Before you and your dog board the party bus, however, you should take a look at these tips. They will help make the experience easier:

1. Know your rights.

Under Australian law, if you have an assistance dog, that dog cannot be banned from going most places. Even if dogs are normally banned from that facility, you are allowed to bring assistance, guide or hearing dogs there.

However, your are expected to follow local laws regarding dogs. For example, if there is a leash law in the town where you are taking the party bus, your assistance dog needs to be on a leash.

2. Consider how your assistance dog will feel about the party bus.

A party bus experience can include a range of activities. For example, you may take a party bus from bar to bar, and while on the bus, you may listen to loud music and have lots of disco lights flashing. In contrast, a party bus can be a pretty mellow experience, and it can take you to restaurants or sightseeing locations and play quiet classical music between stops.

Talk with your party host about what's planned for your bus, and make sure that will work for your dog. For example, if you know loud music and lights are going to bother him or her, you may need to skip the party or find an alternative to bringing your assistance dog along.

3. Arrange doggy breaks on long journeys.

In many cases, a party bus event may last for several hours, and if it is likely to go on for a while, you need to make plans for your dog to urinate or defecate. Simply make sure that the bus will be stopping a few times and that you have a few plastic bags to collect the dog's waste.

If necessary, also ensure that your dog will have a chance to eat and remember to bring snacks for him or her.

4. Consider a harness for your dog.

Unfortunately, if the party bus crashes or stops suddenly, your dog or any other untethered objects in the bus may fly forward. To protect your dog, consider buying a harness and using that to strap him in while you are on the party bus. This also prevents other passengers from getting hit by your dog if he flies forward unexpectedly.